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(大马药业) Zixxis King Honey 600g

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Wild KELULUT – Stingless Bee Honey from Tropical Rainforest Bees

The Wild KELULUT Honey is produced by the MELIPONINI TRIGONA bees from Tropical Rainforest, and it is also known as Stingless Bee Honey.

KELULUT Honey contains many health benefits including all 16 amino acids, glucose, vitamins, bioflavonoids, minerals and active beneficial enzymes that it naturally possesses. This alkaline-form food also helps to strengthen our immune system to maintain a healthy body and sense of well-being in general.

Wild KELULUT Honey is full of beneficial nutrients and natural goodness. The Stingless Bee is smaller than an average bee; therefore it can take up the flower nectar from the deepest space of the blossom. As a result KELULUT Honey have a higher range of nutrients and nutritional value compared to ordinary honey.

Sustainably harvested, Zixxis King Honey in its pure unaltered state with all the nutrients intact contains numerous substances necessary for good health. The health benefits of Stingless Bee Honey are widely known. It is light in color. It has a slightly sour taste, with mild earthly sweet floral fragrances that will tantalize your taste buds.

Zixxis King Honey is fortified with high source of nutrients; it is a valuable natural food that is widely known for its efficacy as a natural remedy for healing and wellness.