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(大马药业) 美国泡参颗粒茶包 American Ginseng Tea (4g x 100 sachets)

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[大马]美国泡参颗粒茶包是采用美国纯正天然原枝泡参精制而成, 不含咖啡因丶糖分丶人造色素与防腐剂

成份: 100%天然纯正美国原枝泡参剪口。

功效: 提神补气, 解酒清热,。长期服用还能消除疲劳,延年益寿,绝对适合男女老少的天然高贵饮品。

用法: 将一袋茶包放入200ml沸腾水,焗10分钟后即可饮用,且重复冲泡,直至味淡为止。

American Ginseng Tea is made from 100% natural and finely selected American Ginseng roots. It contains no preservatives, flavouring, caffeine and sugar free. It is a perfect drink to be consumed and generally suitable for all ages.

Benefits: American Ginseng helps to strengthen Yang energy and eliminates asthenic heat from the body. It also helps to provide and boost energy for the fatigued.

Preparation: Use one tea bag per serving. Simply add 200ml boiling water and infuse for 10 minutes to reach full flavour.